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Chris is primarily an animal and landscape photographer based in Surrey / West Sussex, England who adores the beauty within nature and strives through his photography to capture quality images to illustrate a moment in time that is both absorbing and attractive to create the 'wow factor' of a truly successful shot.

Photography can bring out the the best in anything but this would not be possible without nature getting it right first whether it is with animals, natural landscapes, wildlife or indeed humans. Many of these things we 'see' everyday without really noticing them and can take them for granted.

With busy lives, it is sometimes not until we view these wonders captured in a single moment that we can really appreciate how amazing they truly are and it is this passion that drives Chris.

Although it would be ideal to be able to capture some of the animal image photos in the wild it is sometimes impossible to achieve but thanks to the work of Marwell Wildlife and other animal and wildlife sancturies it is possible to still view and enjoy some of the now sadly endangered animals of the world such as the beautiful snow leopard or amur tiger. As an appreciation to these animals, Chris is often at Marwell taking photos for their use and has donated many of his animal photos for use with guidebooks, marketing, PR and raising the overall awareness of these beautiful animals.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and I hope you enjoy the images in the gallery as much as I have enjoyed capturing them.

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